About the trainer

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

 ~ M. Gandhi

Suzy Reaume has been working as a dog walker since 2006. She has been trained and certified for Dog Obedience and continues to advance her skills in obedience training with:


Master Dog Trainer, Dennis Brunton

Brunton Canine Training Services



She is a mother of 3 boys and is owned by a German Shepherd and a Tabby cat. When Suzy was 3 years old, she was terrified of dogs and this led to the decision of getting a family dog (then her parents said "oh my what have we done?")


Forty + years later, she is still a dog owner, with past work at the Toronto Humane Society, a rescuer of abused dogs and has worked for veterinarians. She is currently an active member of the

York Region Schutzhund Club. She is passionate about her work and is continually developing a greater understanding of dogs. Her desire in life is to help pet owners and their canine companions enjoy the best possible relationship.