The Benefits of a Dog Walker


Why do I need a dog walker?


· Helps reduce stress and anxiety

· Establishes a positive routine

· Time left alone is minimized

· The needs of your pet are fulfilled

· Owners find their dogs are more content

· Helps reduce behavior problems and boredom

“My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.”

~ author unknown

Dog Walking Services


30 minute walk

60 minute walk




Private walk in your neighbourhood, fresh water, treats, feeding as instructed. TLC is mandatory! A written note is left on how our special time together was spent after each visit.


Group Walks

If your dog is well socialized and will respond to recall, he/she can enjoy a 1 hour run in the woods with other canine companions.  Unaltered males are not suitable for group walks.


Daily Walk with Training

Your dog will go for his routine daily walk and additional time will be added for training. A review and session is given to the owner at end of week with a summary of your dog’s progress.

Packages Available