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Obedience Training Program


The Companion Concept Program © for dog training was developed by Dennis Brunton, owner of Brunton Canine Training Services. Dennis is a Master Dog trainer and has been training professionally for 40 years.


The Companion Concept is an assessment based program using pack theory. It is designed to work with YOU, the owner in helping you develop a positive working relationship with your dog. We can help you understand what your dog wants, needs and thinks and how to be a fair leader.


The program has been proven and is a simple method that works in today’s real world with busy families and lifestyles.


We can help you with your day to day issues such as needless barking, biting/nipping, chewing, aggressive behaviour, pulling on the leash, etc.


During the assessment, we consider many factors such as age, breed, behaviour around family members, strangers and other dogs. At the same time we will discuss your goals and offer suggestions on how they may be achieved.




First lesson and Assessment (includes behaviour modification, if needed). $50


Lessons thereafter $40 per session

Obedience training makes your dog think!